Are You Missing Out on the Bidet Trend?

Have your family and friends been raving about their new bidet attachment for their toilet, saying they feel fresher and cleaner than ever? What is behind this bidet trend, what product is the latest and greatest, and how can you get it?

Once seen by travelers as a European curiosity, Japanese company Toto upped the bidet game with their all-in-one “washlet” toilets that provide heated seats, cleansing jets and even sound effects and music. They also come with a hefty price.

Now simple-to-install add-on bidets have brought bidets to the average consumer. In just a few minutes with basic tools, anyone can have an inexpensive bidet in their home and start bragging to their friends about how they feel so good that they never want to live without one again.

Not all bidet attachments are created equal, though. The New Miracle Bidet offers advantages that the others don’t have, especially if you suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids, or excessive gas.

There was a time when talking about bathroom stuff was seen as embarrassing, but the truth is that our bowel habits are an important indicator of our health and need the same attention and care as we would give our heart, joints, and eyesight.

Improved diet, exercise and laxatives don’t necessarily work for everyone. Instead, some people with chronic constipation may need a nonpharmacological treatment such as transanal irrigation, which helps regulate bowel movements.

The miraculous part of the New Miracle is its patented seven-stream rotary air bubble nozzle to provide gentle cleansing. The unique structure of the nozzle creates rotary water flow, which comfortably and quickly irrigates the rectum and rinses away waste and gases.

It can soothe hemorrhoids and help with constipation. All you need to do is lean slightly forward and the water flow irrigates and stimulates your bowel and cleans and refreshes your privates.

The design is simple, with water pressure that is easy for anyone to adjust by turning one valve. The bidet (model no. 102) is non-electric – it does not need to connect to electricity. It does not provide heated water, air, or seat. The nozzle has an automatic self-cleaning function. The lid is durable and can be sat upon. The bidet connects to the existing water supply of a toilet via the addition of a threaded pipe adapter, and requires no soldering or other plumbing work.

You need to keep it clean, just like any other toilet. Model No. 102 uses cold water only, therefore the chance of harboring dangerous microbes is lower compared with warm-water bidets.

Give the New Miracle a try! You’ll save trees by reducing your toilet paper consumption, you’ll stay cleaner, and you’ll feel better than ever - and that it something worth bragging about.

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