Smart AC consumption

Smart AC Consumption

As we enter the summer months, homes and buildings will begin to increase their usage of central AC systems. Statistics show that three quarters of all US homes have an AC system, making up for about 6% of total energy expenditure in the country. Not only does this come at a large cost (~$29 billion per year), but AC usage also releases roughly 117 million metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. (Source:

For those who are conscious of their environmental footprint, our non-electric ceiling fan will solve such worries. The fan works to maximize the output of AC systems, while also minimizing the total electricity consumed by AC’s. As the 8-blade extension carries the flow of wind directly from the AC, it pushes currents further into the room, evenly affecting the entire given area and requiring less power from the AC system itself.
The fan also quickens the effects of AC systems, shortening the time it takes to heat up or cool down a room with a standard AC system. This noticeably reduces the total energy used by AC’s, especially for building structures with several rooms.
With the fan, energy consumption is reduced via quicker and greater return from electricity used in AC systems. It is for anyone who strives to make the world a greener and smarter place for themselves and those they care about. Pare it to your ceiling AC cassette this summer.

 *Note: Above figures on efficiency and energy reduction outcomes may vary depending on indoor environment, room size, AC capacity, etc.

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