Collection: Agricultural Connectivity

Agricultural Connectivity lets farm systems and equipment communicate and coordinate data collection, analysis, and solutions. Crop and livestock monitoring, drone farming and building and equipment management save money and resources while increasing yield. Autonomous farm equipment reduces labor costs and provides precision programming.

Technology-enabled Agricultural Connectivity will potentially create crop gains of 7 to 9 percent – $500 billion – by 2030. These improvements are critical in an increasingly populated and hungry world where most arable land is already being farmed. This systemic approach reduces the reliance on agricultural chemicals and allows close monitoring of environmental, crop and livestock conditions.

Connectivity tools include:

  • Short-range device-to-device connectivity (RFID, Bluetooth)
  • Low Power, Wide Area Network (LPWAN)
  • High-speed, low-latency fixed fiber networks  
  • 5G spectrum bands
  • Wi-Fi 6

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