Collection: The Creator of Reencle - Hanmi Flexible, Co.

The founding philosophy of customer satisfaction and quality first is still the core of who this company is today, since its inception in 1988. The company has integrated excellent technology and sound thinking into the core parts of electronic products. The company's R&D and production hub are in Korea, and the second production is in Vietnam. The company strives to foster talent, enhance productivity, and get closer to customers through the constant development of products that are beneficial to our lives.

The first endeavor CEO GH Bang pioneered was localizing hose production in Korea; he replaced Japan-made hoses with more affordable prices for many leading companies, such as LG Electronics. The company has constantly introduced new developments including humidifiers, washing machines, and juicers.

In 2013, the London Convention and London Protocol, an international treaty that bans all food waste dumping into marine environments, was imposed in Korea. Soon after, food waste became a hot issue. According to the waste statistics in many countries, food waste accounts for about 30-35% of the total wastes. In fact, all countries are spending immense money processing these food wastes every year; America alone has financial costs of more than $400 billion each year from food wastes and also causes serious environmental impacts.

The devastation of the global environment caused by food wastes came to CEO Bangs attention with great shock. With an aspiration to pass on a better environment to future generations, Hanmi Flexible began developing a product that would help our environment.

After several years of constant R&D efforts, the company finally launched the first generation of their food composter Reencle in Korean markets. Fortunately, many Korean consumers also showed great interest in environmental protection and Reencle recorded sales of 3,000 units in 2019; 6,000 units in 2020; and over 40,000 units this year (2021).

The company continues its devotion to making the Reencle series state-of-the-art composters beginning a new chapter for smart composting. Mega Reencle follows bigger scales such as 44 lbs., 110 lbs., and 220 lbs., for commercial use or institutes.

Family-owned Hanmi Flexible is ado good company with quality and trust at its core values.