Jeden non-electric ceiling fan

Non-Electric Ceiling Fan Overview

Now, more than ever, we are seeing a rising number of concerns regarding our personal health and long-term impact on the environment. In hopes to address these concerns, we at Jeden would like to introduce our first product, the Non-Electric Ceiling Fan.
This ceiling fan is an 8-blade extension that is directly hung under multi-zone four-way ceiling cassettes. It evenly diffuses cold and hot air from air conditioning/heating systems and eliminates uneven distribution of air temperature and unwanted flow of direct cold or hot air. It enhances comfort in living and working environments, increasing work efficiency, and it is whisper quiet. No electricity is needed to operate. The fan reduces the time it takes to reach the desired temperature in a room by up to 20%, reducing electricity bills and resulting CO2 emissions by 20% as well.


*Note: Above figures on efficiency and energy reduction outcomes may vary depending on indoor environment, room size, AC capacity, etc.
Originally, the non-electric ceiling fan was developed by an SME in South Korea. It has been sold in South Korea and also introduced to Japan and Malaysia. It later became a 2019 Seoul Awards Innovative Product Winner, the fan has experienced great popularity among consumers ever since.
In America, standard ceiling fans that provide cooling/heating as well as lighting are run by motors with electricity. Its value is determined by its interior effects (design of blades and lights) and material type. As a result, the overall productivity and energy efficiency is overlooked. The innovative fan is proudly in its introductory stage in America.
The non-electric ceiling fan is fit for a wide range of audiences and settings. It is perfect for commercial use (stores, banks, restaurants, offices, warehouses), public use (government offices, schools, hospitals), and residential use (homes, tenants).
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